Hello everyone, Anita here, and welcome to my artist page. Let me tell you a few things about me.


I was born in Poland where I’ve lived for 21 years before moving to Holland. I’ve been a very creative child who loved to draw and make things, but I never pursued art career. There were a few reasons. For one art courses weren’t that popular and two, I was encouraged to pursue anything but art, as art wasn’t considered a career and stable way of income. In addition, I believed for a very long time that being an artist meant painting big, traditional and very solemn paintings and the only ways of getting money was to either become a teacher or a graphic designer, neither of which appealed to me.


After a very “stormy” time in high school, I’ve attended college to study European Studies and Scandinavian Markets. I’ve never liked that major, but once again I’ve had the idea that I had to finish a college. It didn’t matter which one as long as I finished it. During my studies, I had an opportunity to study in Holland for half a year, which was my first time visiting that country and experiencing the freedom it had to offer.


It was in Holland that my love for art had been rekindled thanks to the abundance of cheap art supplies every store had to offer. My experience so far was that general art supply stores were frightfully expensive, especially for a hobbyist. During those few months in Holland I was introduced to cheap, low quality supplies that allowed me to play and experiment without feeling guilty of wasting them.


I didn’t get the idea to pursue an art career until roughly 6 years later. In the meantime, I’ve finished school, got my diploma, moved to Holland and spent a few years looking for a job connected to my major, without much success. It took me a while to understand that I’m not the kind of person to get anywhere without the passion to back it up. I hated the idea of working in a traditional office, mundane, repetitive tasks bored me and future looked pretty bland.


It were the words from a friend that pushed me towards what I'm doing now. "If I had your talent, I would have already done something with it". I started thinking about it, analysing my love for art, trying to find my niche and some kind of direction. I've realised that I I loved illustrating stories and magical situations. I started practising, imagining, finally working towards a goal. It wasn't easy by any means. I wasn't sure of my abilities, I didn't know how to do a lot of things, how to get my name out there. I was constantly battling with self doubt. Countless tears have been spilled.


In 2014 I've joined the 52-week Illustration Challenge. Drawing so many different themes really pushed my imagination and improved my skills. One of my pieces has even been selected to take part in the exhibition held in Perth in 2015. I've connected with amazing artists from all over the globe who are an amazing source of inspiration even now.


In 2015 I've recorded my very first video and uploaded it to YouTube. At first the videos were very sporadic, because I was working full time, but in January of 2016 I've decided to start making videos every week. Making videos is hard, so the struggle to create them is real, but my channel is still my big pride and joy. I love inspiring people. As a self-taught artist, YouTube has always been a source of knowledge for me and the thought that I give some of that back is truly amazing.


Since 2016 I'm working as a full time illustrator and it's one of the hardest and most rewarding things I have ever done.