Birthday Chaos

Have you ever wondered how the most delicious cakes are being made. Contrary to popular belief, the most luxurious, scrumptious and fancy cakes are invented and prepared by a mice pastry chefs. It takes days, if not even weeks, to come up with an idea for a cake. Only the best of the best prepare a design that looks simple, elegant and fun, all at the same time. After the design is made, a team of experienced mice bakers take it upon themselves to add flavour to the design. Mice have their paws full of work to make a delicious cake for the Birthday party!

But what’s this!? A mischievous cat jumps out of nowhere, straight into the fresh strawberry cream piped on top of the cake! Will the mice be able to finish their work on time with the appearance of this unexpected guest?

If you would like to see the process behind this painting, you can watch this video.